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5 Cheap Homestays In Banyuwangi

1. Kampung Osing Inn

The cheapest homestay in the area, located at a village setting surrounded by green rice fields along the way to get to this homestay. Good location, 15-20 minutes walk from Banyuwangi Kota Train Station. Kampung Osing Inn has 6 rooms and 3 shared bathrooms, sitting area, and kitchen. Guests will get a clean towel, fan in the room, free unlimited water/coffee/tea, and surely free WiFi. They also provide local homemade breakfast in the morning.
Penginapan murah banyuwangi Kampung Osing Inn Penginapan murah banyuwangi

Pricing & Booking

Price started from IDR 75.000/Night (Without Breakfast), there will be any extra charge if guests request a breakfast. Price could be changed seasonal, could be higher on weekends and public holidays. For booking, you could reach Kampung Osing Inn by:

Email: | WhatsApp: +62 852 5742 7055 | Address: Jalan Watu Ulo, RT.02/RW.02, Banyuwangi

2. Tera Homestay

Tera Homestay has a very good location, only 5 minutes walk from Banyuwangi Kota Train Station. A private house which has 2 rooms with AC, 1 shared bathroom completed with western toilet and shower,  free kitchen, and unlimited water/coffee/tea, WiFi all area in the house.
Image result for tera homestay banyuwangi Image result for tera homestay banyuwangi 

Pricing & Booking

Price started from IDR 120.000/Night including local breakfast, Price could be changed seasonal, could be higher on weekends and public holidays. For a reservation, you could contact Tera Homestay by:

Email: | WhatsApp: - | Address: Jalan Stasiun Karangasem A7, Banyuwangi

Book Tera Homestay Online Click Here

3. Kawah Ijen Inn

Kawah Ijen Inn could be your best option if you want to do Kawah Ijen as your main purpose. Located at the peaceful village with a fantastic landscape of rice paddies and Gunung Ijen background. Very friendly neighborhood, fresh atmosphere, and good local food.
Image result for kawah ijen inn Image result for kawah ijen inn
Kawah Ijen Inn is owned and managed by former sulfur carrier of Kawah Ijen, it has 3 rooms that could be rented by guests. Shared bathroom (shower and western toilet), fan in the room, local breakfast included in the room price.
Gallery image of this property Gallery image of this property

Pricing & Booking

Price started from IDR 130.000/Night for two persons sleeping included breakfast, the price could be changed without further notification. For booking and price checking, the guest could contact Kawah Ijen Inn by:

Email: | Address: Jalan Kenjo Glondok, Licin, Banyuwangi
Book Online & Price Checking Click Here

4. Ijen Osing Homestay

Another place to relax before Kawah Ijen hike is Ijen Osing Homestay which located at Kampung Anyar Village about 30 minutes drive to Kawah Ijen. The best part of this homestay is the location, it is located just in front of a beautiful waterfall of Jagir. A perfect place to swim, close to nature, friendly young owner Deden. His all families are very welcoming hosts and tasty local breakfast in the morning. Basic room and amenities, but still ok for a short night rest before hiking Kawah Ijen.

For checking room availability and reservation send an email directly to Deden price started from IDR 100.000/Night. Book Ijen Osing Homestay Online Here
Image result for jagir waterfall

5. Kampung Adat Jopuro

Our last recommendation, Kampung Adat Jopuro. A perfect stop before going to Kawah Ijen, located also right at the foot of Gunung Ijen. A picturesque village dominated with green rice paddies, what we liked most is the natural pool located 5 minutes' walk from the homestay.
Natural Pool - Kampung Adat Jopuro Banyuwangi 
 Area tempat duduk di Kampung Adat Jopuro 
Kampung Adat Jopuro has everything you need, personal service from the owner made the place really special and feel like home far away from home. Basic double bed with a fan in the room, share a bathroom, free WiFi and drinking water. Price started from IDR 130.000/Night include local breakfast.

For reservation, guests could send an email directly to or instantly Book Kampung Adat Jopuro Online Here
These are 5 cheap homestays recommended by Java Online Driver Team. For any request for tour packages, transport, and shuttle services you could contact Java Online Driver by email or whatsapp for faster reply.
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